BBYC Cheering


2019 Age Cutoff

2019 Sr Squad


2019 Jr Squad




Not 15 before Sept 1st 2018


Not 12 before Sept 1st 2018


Ages 4,5, and 6


2019 Pee Wee Squad


2019 Mighty Might Squad

Not 10 before Aug 1st 2018


Not 8 before Aug 1st 2018

2019 Coaching Staff

2019 Senior Bulldogs Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Maria Behun


Alexis Wilson

Karyn Evenikos

Jr. Coaches

Hannah Perry

Kate Toscano



2019 Junior Bulldogs Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Caren Murren


Trish Dieckmann

Renee Rossi

Heather Oguss

Jr Coaches

Nicole Duca

Julia Bastante

Kate Szkapiak

Casey Hasson

Gabby Rossi

Kira Morales

2019 Pee Wee Bulldogs Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Heather Oguss


Tracy Rodrigues

Rachel Bowen

Christine Riggio

Denise Marte

Jennifer Zutterman

Jr Coaches

Marissa Riggio

Jillian Decker

Catrina Morgan

Gabby Lenehan

Kiarra Struble

2019 Mighty Mite Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Terese Woodcock


Kim Buscher

Jr Coaches

Hanna Beveridge

Shannon Brady

Hailey Sykes

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The History of Cheer

By ginoolympio | February 12, 2018

History of Cheerleading Cheerleading first started at Princeton University in the 1880s with the crowd chant, as a way to encourage school spirit at football games. A few years later, Princeton graduate Thomas Peebles introduced the idea of organized crowd chanting to the University of Minnesota in 1894, but it was not until 1898 that…