About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Our Story

Football and Cheerleading have long been significant parts of the community in Butler and Bloomingdale. Prior to 2010, youth in Bloomingdale played as Chiefs....wearing red and white uniforms. Their youth counterparts in Butler wore blue and yellow and were known as Bulldogs. Time had taken its toll and participation in both programs were dwindling.

After another season with few players and wins, delegates from both towns met at the firehouse on Bartholdi Avenue in Butler. This was not new...delegates from these towns had met many times before to discuss a merger of their programs but were unsuccessful in getting passed the details. In October 2010, the course for these programs changed as an agreement was reached to work together, grow the sports and provide a superior environment for the children of the communities. One that would teach sportsmanship, respect, accountability and the importance of teamwork.

A document was drafted listing out the concerns of both parties and negotiations led to decisions....We would become the BBYC Junior Bulldogs (Bloomingdale Butler Youth Club) wearing the same colors as Butler High School and would be considered a “feeder” program of theirs. It was agreed that any games in Butler would be played at Butler’s brand new high school football facility, Memorial Field and games played in Bloomingdale would be played at Historic Delazier Field, a field the Chiefs had played on since the late 1970’s.
At the time, it was also decided that the two towns would be equally represented in the coaching staffs and board members. The agreement allowed for the towns to opt-out after three years if things did not work out. All uniforms and equipment for each team, bearing pre-merger logos, were put in storage should the opt-out clause be initiated.
The first season of BBYC’s existence was 2011 and the B-Squad was the first team to win the Super Bowl, compiling a record of 9-0-1, culminating in a pummeling of the Totowa Tigers, 38-20. The only blemish on their record that season was an epic, 53-53 tie with the visiting Ringwood Rattlers late in the season at Memorial Field in which Sean Centinaro scored a record EIGHT touchdowns, six rushing and two receiving from the arm of Joe Bastante. That team went on to play in three Super Bowls, winning TWO of them.
Many winning seasons have occurred since then...Board members have changed and new families have come into town. BBYC welcomes new coaches and new ideas because we all realize...."It Takes More to be a Bulldog". It's hard to imagine a time when we weren’t together as one program.