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2022 Season is right around the corner.  What have you done to get ready.

I Worked Mine OFF ....... to Kick Yours......


Pre Registration is NOW OPEN.. 


Flex Football.

It's here to stay and BBYC was one of the first in NJ to present such an idea.
Players are in full pads but pulling flags. Tackling is NOT taught at the K, 1st/2nd grade level. Coach Cecilia and her crew have done an amazing job teaching the game RIGHT UP TO the point of making a tackle.

Modern Football in a Limited-Contact Environment

The game is designed to look and feel like real football with traditional point scoring, first downs, common fouls and penalties.  Play is fast-pace yet controlled to retain the integrity of real football, while maintaining a safer, limited-contact environment.  Here are the general rules of Flex Football.


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BBYC Flex Football

BBYC Football

For ages 4 - 15, Starting with flag football our young players learn the skills and fundamentals of Football.  Players in 9th grade are ineligible.


BBYC Cheering

For ages 4 - 15, Starting with Mascot Cheer our young players learn the skills and fundamentals of Cheering. Players in 9th Grade are ineligible.

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Registration Costs

Flag & Mascots Squads

$55 early registration fee
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Learn with Other Commited Players
  • Get ahead of the curve

Flex and Pee Wee Squads

$150 early registration fee
  • Become part of the Team
  • Work with College Proven Coaches
  • Gain Strength, Speed, Explosion

Junior and Senior Squads

$175 early registration fee
  • Get Ready for the HS Game
  • Focus on Skill Positions
  • Play the Toughest Competition

Summer Work Outs...


We continue to provide summer work outs while keeping safe. Our planed summer workouts are still in the process of being planned.  These are not mandatory but  (This is not mandatory)

Week Days: TBD

Memorial Field --TBD

We are still in the process of planning our summer workouts.  We will keep you posted once we have more information.

Till then lets keep our kids moving get them outside for a run or walk.  With being out of school and all sports our kids have been glued to the TV lets get them back outside and starting to loosen up as we wait for the state to begin to open. Stay Safe and Stay Smart we are in this together.

2022 BBYC Information Sheets

BBYC Bulldog information sheets are out.  Included is information on: General Meeting Schedules, Fundraising, Board Members, Practice Scheduling, Uniform Handouts, and Coaching assignments.

You can also find this in your team snap app under your teams media section.

2022 Parent Packet

2022 Parent Packets are out...

View the full 2022 Varsity Schedule, tag day and all the events for the BBYC. This packet is the information you'll need to stay in the know about the season, Game dates and special occasion dates. Download and print your copy today..

Snack Stand Sign Up

Snack stand sign up is currently closed as we prepare for the 2022 season. We will let you know when the link opens up.

Tag Day Sign Up

Sign ups for tag day are still closed as we get ready for the 2022 season.  We will let you know when the link is open.

Bulldog Pride Starts Here.....

Allow your child to Learn Discipline, Work Ethic, Respect and Teamwork away from the household.

BBYC Scholarship Application 2022

Each year, BBYC has been fortunate enough to award scholarships to graduating seniors of Butler HS who meet the qualifications put forth by the BBYC Board. This years application is available for DOWNLOAD in this email and available (in print) at the BHS guidance office. ALL APPLICATIONS DUE April 30, 2022....Details and application instructions appear on the forms. Good luck to all!

General Criteria/ Rules of Eligibility for the BBYC Scholarhsip
- Mandatory for applicant to be graduating from Butler Senior High School (Butler, NJ), Class of 2021
- Mandatory for applicant to have participated in the Bloomingdale Butler Youth Football or Cheer  program for at least three (3) completed seasons. Seasons do not need to be consecutive.
- Mandatory for applicant to submit two (2) letters of recommendation; one written by a teacher and
another written by either a coach, counselor, employer or community leader.
- Mandatory for applicant to self-report their current BHS GPA and current class rank.
- Mandatory for applicant to be accepted/ entering a higher education US institution, in the Fall 2021, as a full-time student. (“full-time student” as defined by the institution)
- Mandatory for applicant to completely answer and submit the questions listed on the next page.
- There will be two (2) $500.00 scholarships awarded in 2021 at the discretion of the BBYC Board Members. This scholarship will be made payable to both the student and the college. The name and/or image of the winners may be released to local newspapers and/or social media.
- Eligibility to receive any monetary scholarship from BBYC will be removed if applicant receives a full tuition scholarship.

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