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The heart of the BBYC organization has always been our children.
Youth sports participation has declined overall. Many of us grew up knowing the next practice, the next sign up, the next win or loss was minutes away. Ending one sport led to the start of another. Today, its unclear where the youth spend their time when they walk away from team sports.
BBYC has taken steps to adapt and strengthen our organization!
Starting Fall 2018, the BBYC Mighty Might program will now be a "Flex Football" program. No Tackling!
We will remain in the Tri-County Youth Football League, playing the other 9 towns we've come to know.
Other changes may come in the future but our 1st and 2nd graders on the Might Might team will wear traditional football equipment this season, with a flag belt around their waist!
Our coaches, and each town in our league, will sharpen their focus towards the fundamentals of the game.
If you've seen a Mighty Might game, you may remember the physical contact to be quite moderate. We agree.
However, this is the time to change the game. This is the time to make sure our children are better prepared and have a stronger foundation. We're asking for your commitment to this change knowing it will bring about a better athlete and a better long-term game. BBYC wants all youth to experience the social, community and developmental benefits realized by our football, cheer and wrestling teams.
**We urge you to join us at our next BBYC MEETING JUNE 28th @ 730pm in the Community Center behind the Butler PD. We will discuss more details surrounding this vital change!
Thank you
BBYC Board

Newly Opened QuickCheck

Newly opened QuickCheck donates money to the BBYC.

The convenience store donated $2,637 to area youth who are cheerleaders, football players and wrestlers.


BBYC Merger 2011

For a long time, the football players in Butler and Bloomingdale were adversaries. It was a friendly rivalry, but the game between Butler and Bloomingdale was one date both squads circled on their calendars. But in February of this year all that changed. The two organizations were finally going to join forces and merge. The BBYC was now formed.