We are Bulldog Strong

Under Executive Order No. 149, on June 22, 2020 “High Risk Sports” that involve close, sustained contact between participants (Football & Group Cheer) may begin outdoor practices that do not involve person-to-person contact or routinely entail athletes interacting within six (6) feet of one another. By July 20, 2020, it is anticipated that full-contact practices and competitions will begin. Before youth athletic organizations can return to play and practices may begin, each organization must develop a Program Preparation Plan.
“We are all ready to “open”, get back to “normal”, and get our BBYC family back on the Football Field and Cheer Mats. Starting 6/22, the State is allowing youth sports to resume. Nothing is more important to us than the health and well being of our youth athletes. Using guidance from the New Jersey Department of Health, the CDC, as well as the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, which governs High School Football, BBYC has developed a plan so we can do our best to keep everyone healthy while we return to play the sport we love.”

- Sean Walsh, BBYC President


Stay at least 6 feet
(about 2 arms’ length)
from other people.

Cover Up

Cover your cough or sneeze with a
tissue, then throw the tissue in the
trash and wash your hands.

Face Coverings

When in public, wear a
cloth face covering over
your nose and mouth.

1. Preparation for Return to Play
a. A written COVID-19 Program Preparation Plan (PPP) will be in place that ensures the following:
i. Coaches and board members are identified to implement and oversee the PPP.
ii. Fields are properly maintained and new COVID-19 standards are adhered to.
iii. Quarantine/Self-Isolation protocols are established to protect coaches, volunteers and athletes.
iv. Board Members, coaches, volunteers and athletes are educated on COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including:
1. Revised practice rules and regulations in place for COVID-19.
2. The importance of staying home when experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
3. Proper social distancing protocols, face covering requirements, and good hygiene practices (e.g., hand hygiene, covering coughs).
4. How to identify symptoms of COVID-19.
5. Protocol for handling someone exhibiting signs of COVID, has previously tested positive for COVID-19, or had a “close contact” with a person tested positive, or showing sign of                                symptoms of, COVID-19.
6. How to address situations in which established COVID-19 guidelines are challenged (i.e. by a coach, parent or spectator).
v. Face covering, social distancing and proper hygiene etiquette is followed.
vi. Modified workout/practice rules are established that promote minimal physical contact.
vii. Minimal sharing and proper sanitization of personal apparel items and equipment.
b. A COVID-19 task force has been created and responsible for establishing, implementing and overseeing the adherence of the BBYC PPP.
i. COVID-19 Task Force Leaders – Dana Ahmuty, Caren Murren, Connor Walsh and Richard Puleo.
c. Non-coach volunteers will be identified to assist with pre-screening.
d. A COVID-19 lead will be identified for each team to assist the COVID 19 task force with applying the new guidelines at the team level.
i. Football Flex – Cecilia N
ii. Football Pee Wees – Gino Olimpio
iii. Football Junior Squad – Sean Walsh
iv. Football Senior Squad – Peter Toriello
v. Cheer Flex - TBD
vi. Cheer Pee Wees – Heather Oguss
vii. Cheer Juniors – Karyn Evgenikos
viii. Cheer Seniors – Caren Murren
e. BBYC PPP will be communicated to parents and posted to the BBYC web page for easy access and availability to the public.
f. BBYC Waiver and Questionnaire must be completed and submitted in order for players to participate in ANY BBYC practice, workout, games or events