BBYC Scholar Ship Information

2018 Scholarship Applications are our out download application today.  Application due date:  May 8th, 2018

General Criteria/ Rules of Eligibility for the BBYC Scholarship

• Mandatory for applicant to be graduating from Butler Senior High School (Butler, NJ), Class of 2018

• Mandatory for applicant to have participated in the Bloomingdale Butler Football or Cheer program for at
least three (3) completed seasons. Seasons do not need to be consecutive.

• Mandatory for applicant to submit two (2) letters of recommendation; one written by a teacher and
another written by either a coach, counselor, employer or community leader. Letters written by current
BBYC Board Members will not be considered.

• Mandatory for applicant to submit their official high school transcripts, including the first half of senior
year. This includes transcripts from other high schools attended- if applicable.

• Mandatory for applicant to be accepted/ entering a higher education US institution, in the Fall 2018, as a
full-time student. (“full-time student” as defined by the institution)

• Mandatory for applicant to complete and submit the following page of questions. *All responses,
including essay, are mandatory

• There will be two (2) $500.00 scholarships awarded in 2018 at the discretion of the BBYC Board Members.
This scholarship will be made payable to both the student and the college. The name and/or image of the
winners may be released to local newspapers and/or social media.

• Eligibility to receive any monetary scholarship from BBYC will be removed if applicant receives a fulltuition